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Short Historical Overview of the Department of Pharmacy
The Department of Pharmacy was originally founded in 1977 by Presidential Act 835/1977 ΦΕΚ Α΄ 271.  It received its first students in 1978 as a constituent Department of the School of Physical-Mathematical Sciences, whereas since 1983, together with the Department of Medicine, they form the School of Health Sciences (Presidential Act 127/83).  The Curriculum of the Dept. of Pharmacy has a length of five years (since 1993-94, by Presidential Act 110/93).  The Department receives 75 undergraduate and 30 graduate students a year.
The first officially founded Laboratory of the Department of Pharmacy was that of Pharmaceutical Chemistry (1979), followed by rapid addition of Faculty Members affiliated with the new Laboratories of Pharmaceutical Technology (1981), Instrumental Pharmaceutical Analysis (1987), Pharmacognosy and Chemistry of Natural Products (1988), Molecular Pharmacology (1989), Radiation Therapy (1989), Pharmacokinetics (1989) and Physical Pharmacy (1991).  The foundation as well as the internal function of all of the above Laboratories was officially approved by Presidential Act (ΦΕΚ 38/22-02-95 τ(1)).  The Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Immunology was founded in 2003 (ΦΕΚ 1263/4-09-2003 τ(β)), whereas the official (Presidential Act-based) creation of the Laboratory of  Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and Molecular Diagnostics is currently pending.

With the aforementioned Laboratories are affiliated 24 Faculty Members (of which 3 will join the Department shortly) and 5 Research Associates.  Three additional Faculty positions are open and will be filled in the near future.  209 graduate students prepare their work in the Department’s premises, in the frame of Graduate Studies Programmes (GSPs).  These last are either coordinated by a single Department (eg GSP in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology, overseen entirely by the Department of Pharmacy), or are coordinated in collaboration with other Departments (eg Inter-Departmental GSPs in Medicinal Chemistry, in Isolation and Synthesis of Natural Products and in Life Sciences Informatics).