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Klepetsanis Pavlos
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1991: PhD in Physical Chemistry, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Univ. of Patras, GREECE
1986: Diploma in Chemistry, Dept. of Chemistry, Univ. of Patras, GREECE

Previous Employement/Occupation
1993-1996: Post-Doctoral Felow, ICE/HT-FORTH, GREECE

Research Activities
A. Physicochemical characterisation of pharmaceutical forms:
Study of the electrokinetic properties and the stability of colloid suspensions and emulsions. Effect of pharmacologically active compounds and metal ions in the stability of pharmaceutical forms.
B. Physicochemical studies of biopolymers:
Study of the proton equilibria of various biopolymers (proteins, enzymes, etc.) and their interactions with various cations.
C. Biomineralisation and demineralisation:
Study of formation of kidney stones (epitaxial growth) and the sparingly soluble salts of alkaline earth metals in industrial installations. Study of the effectiveness of polymeric and organophosphorus compounds in the prevention of the formation of sparingly soluble salts of alkaline earth metals.
D. Corrosion of metallic implants in biological fluids:
Study of corrosion of the metallic implants and the effectiveness of organic coatings for the prevention of corrosion using DC and AC techniques.

Refereed Journal Papers: 38
Abstracts in Conferences: 90
Textbooks: 3

Teaching Activities
Undergraduate: Physical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry Laboratory, Physical Pharmacy, Physical Pharmacy Laboratory and Analytical Chemistry. Informatics, Basics on Physics of Nuclear Pharmacy and Radiopharmacy.
Postgraduate: Advanced Pharmaceutical Technology, Topics in Physical Pharmacy.

Professional Affiliations
  • Controlled Release Society
  • Association of Greek Chemists

Selected Publications
  • “Sand consolidation with calcium phosphate-polyelectrolyte composites”, Hafez I.T., Paraskeva C.A., Klepetsanis P.G. and Koutsoukos P.G., Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 363(1), 2011 p.145-156
  • “Covalent immobilization of liposomes on plasma functionalized metallic surfaces”, Moutas S., Kastellorizos M., Klepetsanis P., Farsari E., Amanatides E., Mataras D., Pistillo B.R., Favia P., Sardella E., d’Agostino R. and Antimisiaris S.G., Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 84(1), 2011, p.214-220.
  • “Study of polyacrylic acid adsorption on the interface of hydroxyapatite-electrolyte solutions”, Hafez I.T., Paraskeva C.A., Klepetsanis P.G. and Koutsoukos P.G., Global NEST Journal 12(3), 2010, p.270-278.
  • "Complex hydrogel systems composed of Polymers, Liposomes and Cyclodextrins : Implications of composition on Rheological Properties and Aging", Mourtas S., Aggelopoulos A.C., Klepetsanis P., Tsakiroglou D.C. and Antimisiaris S.G., Langmuir 25(15), 2009, p.8480-8488.
  • "Controlled Precipitation of Sparingly Soluble Phosphate Salts Using Enzymes. II. Precipitation of Struvite", Aikaterini N. Kofina, Maria G. Lioliou, Christakis A. Paraskeva, Pavlos G. Klepetsanis, Terje Ostvold and Petros G. Koutsoukos, Crystal Growth & Design 9 (11), 2009, p.4642-4652.