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Orkoula Malvina
Tel. : (+30) 2610 962342
Fax : (+30) 2610 997-658
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Assistant Professor of Instrumental Pharmaceutical Analysis (tenure track), Department of Pharmacy, University of Patras.

2010: Research fellow, University of Michigan, Department of Chemistry, Advanced Raman Microscopy & Chemical Imaging Lab (Prof. Michael D. Morris).
2000: Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, University of Patras.
1994: Diploma in Chemical Engineering, University of Patras (five years curriculum).


  • Award in Panhellenic Contest for Advanced Research and Innovation of Eurobank EFG Group and SEV (Hellenic Federation of Enterprises) «Give Greece A Chance» 2011, for the application of biomedical technologies for the quick, reliable and secure diagnosis of retrogressive (osteoarthritis) and metabolic (osteoporosis) bone disorders (Coordinator: Sofia Panteliu, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics, Univ. Patras).
  • Fellowship from the Institute Francais du Petrole, Rueil Malmaison, France, 1997.
  • Scholarship from ICE/HT - FORTH, 1994-2000.
  • Scholarship from ESF (European Science Foundation), 2001.


Undergraduate Courses

  • PHA-C14-NEW «Spectroscopy» (Theory and Lab) 
  • PHA-C21-NEW «Separation and Electrochemical techniques» (Theory and Lab) 
  • PHA-B13-NEW «Physical Chemistry» (Theory and Lab)

Graduate Courses

 Graduate Program: Drug Discovery & Development  

  • DPHA_3 «Pharmaceutical Analysis - Biospectroscopy» 
  • DPHA_B03 «Applied Pharmaceutical Analysis – Characterization of Formulations» Graduate Program: Cosmetology: Synthesis & Assessment of Cosmetic Products 
  • PHA-COS-23 «Methods of Instrumental Analysis of Cosmetic Products»


  • Development of novel methodologies based on Raman and IR spectroscopy for the detection and quantitative determination of substances in biological liquids. Substances of interest: antibodies, alcohols, pharmaceutical active substances. Biological fluids of interest: blood serum, saliva, urine, aqueous humor.  
  • Characterization of polymorphic phases (generic drugs). 
  • Study of bone and cartilage diseases (osteoporosis, osteoarthritis) using spectroscopic and X-ray imaging techniques. Scope: the development of a methodology for the diagnosis and monitoring of pathological situations in no or minimally invasive way.
  • Study of the chemical changes induced to bones or joints of lab animals by the deficiency of genes. Use of Raman spectroscopy and micro Computed Tomography.
  • Monitoring of crack healing in animal femurs.


  • «K. Karatheodori» project entitled: «Development of Novel Diagnostic Method for Monitoring Bone Diseases», Contract No: C.914, Duration: 01.05.2010 to 01.05.2013, (coordinator).
  • «Heracleitus II» project entitled: «Drug Release from Biodegradable Polymers» Contract No: 119, Duration: 17.02.2009 to 31.08.2013.
  • «ENVIRONMENT AND CLIMATE» project entitled: «Novel Remediation Strategies for Preservation of Marble Structures Endangered from Environmental Damages» Contract No: ENV4-CT98-0704, Duration: 01.07.1998 to 31.05.2001.
  • «NATO» project entitled: «Improvement of the Technological Parameters in the Electrochemical Production Mg-Nd Alloys», Contract No: SFP-971858, Duration: 01.06.2001 to 31.10.2001.
  • «EPET II» project entitled: «Development of New Materials for Structural Surface Conservation of Monuments», Contract No: 365/95, Duration: 01.07.1995 to 31.12.1995.
  • «JOULE» project entitled: «Control of Corrosion and Scaling in Geothermal Systems» Contract No: JOU2-CT92-0108, Duration: 01.10.1994 to 30.06.1995.
  • «BRITE-EURAM» project entitled: «High Performance Coating Materials for Application in Corrosive and Abrasive Environments (HIPERMAT)», Contract No: BREU-0118-C (GDF), Duration: 01.06.1990 to 31.05.1993.

Intra-University Research Network entitled: «Network for the study of retrogressive and metabolic disorders of bone and cartilage - OSTEONET».

Publications in Journals: 28
Participations in Conferences: 85
Citations: 400
Other Publications: 2
Chapters in Books: 2


  1. Eleni Kamilari, Konstantinos Farsalinos, Konstantinos Poulas, Christos G. Kontoyannis, Malvina G. Orkoula, “Detection and quantitative determination of heavy metals in electronic cigarette refill liquids using Total Reflection X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry”, Food and Chemical Toxicology, 116, Part B, (2018) 233–237
  2. Harry Blair, Elena Kalyvioti, Nicholaos Papachristou, Irina Tourkova, Spyros Syggelos, Despina Deligianni, Malvina Orkoula, Christos Kontoyannis, Eleni Karavia, Kyriakos Kypreos, and Dionysios Papachristou «Apolipoprotein A-1 (ApoA-1) Regulates Osteoblast and Lipoblast Precursor Cells in Mice», Laboratory Investigation, 96 (2016) 763-772 doi:10.1038/labinvest.2016.51 (2016) doi:10.1038/labinvest.2016.51.
  3. Malvina G. Orkoula and Christos G. Kontoyannis, «Raman Spectroscopy for the Study of Biological Organisms (Biogenic Materials and Biological Tissues): A Valuable Analytical Tool», Spectroscopy Europe, 26 (2014) 18-21. 
  4. Malvina G. Orkoula, Martha Z. Vardaki and Christos G. Kontoyannis, «Study of Bone Matrix Changes Induced by Osteoporosis in Rat Tibia Using Raman Spectroscopy», Vibrational Spectroscopy 63 (2012) 404-408. 
  5. Malvina Orkoula, Michael Friedman, David Kohn and Michael Morris, «Effect pf Exercise and Nutrition on Composition of Murine Tibia» Bone, 48 (2011) S179 Suppl.2.

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