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Orkoula Malvina
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Assistant Professor of Instrumental Pharmaceutical Analysis, Department of Pharmacy, University of Patras.

2010: Research fellow, University of Michigan, Department of Chemistry, Advanced Raman Microscopy & Chemical Imaging Lab (Prof. Michael D. Morris).
2000: Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, University of Patras.
1994: Diploma in Chemical Engineering, University of Patras (five years curriculum).

2004: Lecturer, appointed for the 2003-2004 spring semester, Department of Pharmacy, University of Patras.
2001-2004: Lecturer, appointed for the academic years 2001-2002, 2002-2003, 2003-2004 (autumn semester), Department of Materials Science, University of Patras.
2001: Post doctoral Fellow, Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas.

International Journal of Pharmacy.


  • Award in Panhellenic Contest for Advanced Research and Innovation of Eurobank EFG Group and SEV (Hellenic Federation of Enterprises) «Give Greece A Chance» 2011, for the application of biomedical technologies for the quick, reliable and secure diagnosis of retrogressive (osteoarthritis) and metabolic (osteoporosis) bone disorders (Coordinator: Sofia Panteliu, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics, Univ. Patras).
  • Fellowship from the Institute Francais du Petrole, Rueil Malmaison, France, 1997.
  • Scholarship from ICE/HT - FORTH, 1994-2000.
  • Scholarship from ESF (European Science Foundation), 2001.


Undergraduate Courses

  • «Physical Chemistry»
  • «Instrumental Pharmaceutical Analysis I – Separation and Electrochemical techniques»
  • «Instrumental Pharmaceutical Analysis II – Spectroscopic techniques»

Graduate Courses

  • «Analytical Spectroscopy»
  • «Advanced Methods of Instrumental Analysis»
  • «Analysis of Biomolecules»
  • «Advanced Pharmaceutical Analysis»
  • «Analytical Techniques for Separation and Characterization of Bioactive Substances»
  • «Analysis of Biological Samples»
  • «Quality Control and Quality Assurance»


  • Development of novel non-destructive methodologies for the qualitative and quantitative determination of active pharmaceutical ingredients in solid and liquid formulations as well as biological liquids.
  • Development of novel non-destructive, non-invasive methodologies for the study of bone and bone diseases (osteoporosis, osteoarthritis).
  • Characterization of polymorphic phases (generic drugs).


  • Technical Chamber of Greece
  • Hellenic Society of Biomaterials


  • «K. Karatheodori» project entitled: «Development of Novel Diagnostic Method for Monitoring Bone Diseases», Contract No: C.914, Duration: 01.05.2010 to 01.05.2013, (coordinator).
  • «Heracleitus II» project entitled: «Drug Release from Biodegradable Polymers» Contract No: 119, Duration: 17.02.2009 to 31.08.2013.
  • «ENVIRONMENT AND CLIMATE» project entitled: «Novel Remediation Strategies for Preservation of Marble Structures Endangered from Environmental Damages» Contract No: ENV4-CT98-0704, Duration: 01.07.1998 to 31.05.2001.
  • «NATO» project entitled: «Improvement of the Technological Parameters in the Electrochemical Production Mg-Nd Alloys», Contract No: SFP-971858, Duration: 01.06.2001 to 31.10.2001.
  • «EPET II» project entitled: «Development of New Materials for Structural Surface Conservation of Monuments», Contract No: 365/95, Duration: 01.07.1995 to 31.12.1995.
  • «JOULE» project entitled: «Control of Corrosion and Scaling in Geothermal Systems» Contract No: JOU2-CT92-0108, Duration: 01.10.1994 to 30.06.1995.
  • «BRITE-EURAM» project entitled: «High Performance Coating Materials for Application in Corrosive and Abrasive Environments (HIPERMAT)», Contract No: BREU-0118-C (GDF), Duration: 01.06.1990 to 31.05.1993.

Intra-University Research Network entitled: «Network for the study of retrogressive and metabolic disorders of bone and cartilage - OSTEONET».

Publications in Journals: 17
Publications in National and International Conference Proceedings: 39
Other Publications: 2
Chapters in Books: 2
Participations in Conferences: 35


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