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Current Position

  • Professor of Pharmaceutics, Department of Pharmacy, University of Patras, 26500 Rio, Greece
  • Director, Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Technology, University of Patras, Greece
  • Collaborating Faculty member, Institute of Chemical Engineering, ICEHT/FORTH




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Place and Date of Birth

New Jersey, USA, 1962

Marital Status

Married, two children


Rio 26510, Greece



+30-2610-962332 mob:6937503020

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Education / Affiliations
1980-1984: Dept. of Pharmacy, University of Athens, GR. Degree: BPharm (8.4/10)
 1984-1988: Dept of Pharmacy, University of Athens, GR. Degree: PhD (Biopharmaceutics, Excellent)
 1988-1989: Postdoc Research Assistant, Laboratory of Prof. Karl H.L.Hwang, School of Pharmacy, University of South California; LA, USA
 1989-1993: Lecturer of Pharmaceutics, University of Patras (UPAT);
 1992-1993: Visiting Professor, Research associate, Laboratory of Prof. Gregory Gregoriadis, Centre for Drug Delivery Research (CDDR), School of Pharmacy, University of London; UK.
 1993-2002: Assistant Prof. Dept. of Pharmacy, UPAT;
 2002-10: Associate Prof. Dept of Pharmacy, UPAT;
 2006-: Collaborating Member, Institute of Chemical Engineering, ICEHT-FORTH;
 2010-: Professor, Department of Pharmacy, UPAT (procedure was repeated in 2012 due to administrative problems).
 Research Activities
  •  Nanomedicines for Controlled/Targeted Drug Delivery; Innovative nanomedicines Bio-Inspired from Extracellular vesicles;
  • Improving Drug Pharmacokinetics through Advanced Drug Delivery (Liposomal) System Design;
  • Novel Controlled-(Release)-Drug-Eluting Surfaces for Bioactive agents, Antimicrobials, etc;
  • Platform systems for Ocular, Alveolar and Vaginal Drug Delivery Systems, for sustained release of drugs that act locally;
  • Elastic Liposomes for penetration in the skin;
  • Nanoparticles for Brain targeting, for Cancer or Alzheimer’s disease, diagnosis and/or therapy;
  • Improving the anticancer properties of therapeutics by development of targeted carrier systems, with inherit anticancer properties;
  • Biocompatible nanoparticles for sustained release of therapeutics/bioactive agents during bone regeneration;
Participation in Research Projects-FUNDING
  • 1989-2002 Participation in several working groups of the Department of Pharmacy for the preparation of proposals for funding of educational/research activities.
  • PENED 1997 (General Secretariat of Research and Technology), “Study of Biophysical properties of arsonolopids and arsonoliposomes”, 1997-2000 Role: PI; Collaboration with Prof. P.V. Ioannou, and Prof. G. Tsivgoulis, Department of Chemistry, University of Patras.
  • FP6/ Marie Curie Early Stage Scholarship Program, “Towards a Euro-PhD in Advanced drug delivery”, contract no: MEST-CT-2004 - 504992 (FP6) [2004-2008, Host lab with 3 one-year scholarships (120.000 € for SGA)] (Role: PI, Host Lab of three PhD students from Europe) More info. about Collaborations at
  • Socrates mobility and Intensive Program Training Projects (1997- 2008; total~70.000 €. Role:PI )
  • FP6/ Integrated Project (Health) LSHP-CT-2004-503162 “Selection and Development of Microbicides for Mucosal Use to Prevent Sexual HIV Transmission/Acquisition” SHIVA 2004-2009 (430.000 € for SGA, Role: PI, WP-leader) Collaborations with Univ. Cagliari (IT) (Prof. Paolo La Colla); Gabon Pasteur Institute (Dr. M. Karjanji  ); Gottingen Primate Centre (Prof. Hunsman & Dr. C. Stahl) Denmark University (Prof. Erik  Pederson), etc.
  • INTEREG III  program, “Development nanostructured of anti-bacterial surfaces” 2006-2008 (120.000 € for SGA) (Role: partner). Collaboration with the groups of Prof. Missirlis (Mechanical Emgineering; UPAT), Prof. I Spiliopoulou (Microbiology, Medical School), and Prof. Mataras (Chemical Engineering, UPAT)
  • Industry-funded projects (2007, 2014-) (> 70.000 € ; Role: Coordinator)
  • FP7/ Large scale program Nanotechnology-Materials-Processes, “Nanoparticles for therapy and Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease (NAD)” No. 212043 (870.000€ for SGA;  2008-2013, Role: PI, WP-leader). Collaborations with Prof. M. Masserini &Prof. F. Nicotra (Milano Bicocca Univ, IT), Dr. Mario Salmona (Mario Negri Institute, IT); Prof. P. Couvreur & Karine Andrieux (Univ Paris-Sud, FR); Nanovector (IT); Stab Vida (PT), Guerbet (FR), etc.
  • Industry funded projects 2015, 2016, 2017 (~20.000 €).
  • Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree –NANOMED (Nanomedicines for Drug Delivery)  2017-2022 (Collaboration with Universities of  Paris Descartes (FR), Angers (FR), Pavia (IT)); 130.000 € for UPAT. Academic Coordinators for UPAT: SGA and Prof. P. Klepetsanis.
  • RIS 3 Specialization Program in MicroElectronic and Materials (Achaia Municipality, GR) “Development of novel nanocarriers for long acting insulin-like peptides (Nano-INS), Starting 2018, 80.000€ for SGA. Role: Partner (PI for UPAT); Collaboration with CBL Biopharmaceuticals, Prof. Kleomenis Barlos.
  • EDVM-34 (Ministry of Education, GR) “Innovative Systems for Delivery of anti-cancer drugs and imaging agents (SISTOFAR)”, 2018-2020,  58.000€ for SGA (Coordinator).
  • EREYNO_KAINTOMO (2018-2021). “Preclinical development of INNOvative FORmulations of antibiotics for intraocular administration for the treatment / prevention of postoperative endophthalmIitis “INNO-FOR-I249.000 € for SGA, Coordinator; Collaboration with University of Crete (Prof. Mil. Tsilibaris, Prof. E. Scoulika) and COOPER Pharmaceuticals.
  • EREYNO_KAINTOMO (2018-2021).  “Development of Innovative Neuroprotective Neurogenerative Synthetic Micro-Neurotrophins”. 100000€ for SGA, Partner (PI for ICEHT/FORTH); Collaboration with University of Crete (Prof. Achilleas Gravanis & Prof. I. Charalampopoulos); FORTH-IMBB (Dr. N. Krestovali); NRI (Dr. Theodora Calogeropoulou); Qualia Pharmaceuticas; BioNature.
  • EREYNO_KAINTOMO (2018-2021). “NOVEL LIPOSOMAL AND POLYMERIC NANOPARTICLES FOR CONTROLLED TRANSPORT AND RELEASE OF DOXORUBICIN AGAINST TRIPLE NEGATIVE BREAST CANCER (lipodox)”. 75000€ for SGA, Partner (PI for ICEHT/FORTH); Collaboration with University of Athens (Dept. Chemistry); University of Thessaly (Medical School); DEMO.
  • EDVM-103 (Ministry of Education, GR) Innovative NanoSystems against Staphylococcal biomembranes (NANO STAR)”, starting 2020. 55.000€ for SGA (Coordinator together with Prof. I Spiliopoulou, Microbiology, Medical School, UPAT).
  • Smart Bone Regeneration (SBR). H2020-SC1-2019-Single-Stage-RTD, RIA, 874896. Starting 01-01-2020 – 31-12-2024; Role: PI for Dept. of Pharmacy, Co-Coordinator with Prof. Elias Panagiotopoulos (Medical School, UPAT). 780000 € for UPAT; 409318€ for SGA. Collaboration with 9 groups (Industrial and Academic from Europe).
Teaching Activities
 For the Teaching in the Dept. of Pharmacy:
 (1989-) Undergraduate Program (Pharmacy Dept):
  1. (1989-2006) Pharmaceutical Technology III (renamed as Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics from 2002) [Textbook (in Greek)]
  2. (2006-)  Pharmaceutical Technology I, Pre–Formulation/Design; Biopharmaceutical basis for formulation development. [Textbook (in Greek)]
  3. (1989- ) Pharmaceutical Technology II - Preparation of Drug Formulations. Course [Textbook (in Greek)] and Series of Laboratory Practical’s [Lab book (in Greek)] on Formulation Development and Quality Control Testing.

(1995-) Postgraduate Program (Pharmacy Dept):

  1. (1995 – 2006) Applied Pharmacokinetics,
  2. (1995-) A series of Postgraduate courses on Pharmaceutical Technology; Innovative NanoFornulations, Advanced Drug Delivery Systems, Liposome Technology, etc. (depending on the specific needs of the postgraduate program of the Department of Pharmacy)
(1997-2008) For the Socrates/Erasmus Intensive Program/Workshop on: “Novel Drug Delivery Systems”
(1997-98, 1999-2000 & 2008): Liposome Technology and Applications in Therapeutics. Lecture on Liposomal systems for Drug delivery and Targeting.
(2017- ) EMJMD NANOMED: Lectures in Preformulation; Pharmaceutical Technology, Classical and Innovative Formulations; Nanomedicines
 1981: Scholarships from Greek State Scholarships’ Foundation (IKY) for outstanding performance during first year of undergraduate studies (Ranking in top 5% of class)
 1982: Scholarships from Greek State Scholarships’ Foundation (IKY) for outstanding performance during second year of undergraduate studies (Ranking in top 5% of class)
 1983: Scholarships from Greek State Scholarships’ Foundation (IKY) for outstanding performance during third year of undergraduate studies (Ranking in top 5% of class)
 1984: Honor of reading the scientific oath, during the graduation ceremony, as the highest scoring student of the period.
 1988-89: Research Fellowship, from University of South California (from NIH grant), L.A, USA.
 1990: Invited to participate in the Socrates Inter-University Network on Advanced Drug Delivery Systems, by the Coordinator Prof. Rogerio Gaspar (University of Coimbra, PT).
 1992-93: Research Fellowship, University of London (from MOD funded project), London, UK.
 1993: Grant for participation as invited speaker in NATO ASI: "Targeting of Drugs: Advances in System Constructs", Sounio, Greece (1993).
 2003: Invited to participate as a partner and WP leader, in the research proposal SHIVA (EU-FP6), and suggested by the reviewers as the co-coordinator of the project.
 2006: Invited (by Coordinator) to participate in the Marie Curie Network Galenos and the proposal “Euro PhD on Advanced Drug Delivery Systems” as a partner and Host Organization for three PhD students.
 2008: Invited (by Coordinator) to participate as a partner and WP-leader in the research proposal NAD (EU-FP7), as the Laboratory for development of liposomal formulations to target the brain (for Alzheimer’s disease).
 2008-2016: 3 Poster or short oral talk prizes in Panhellenic Pharmaceutical Congresses, for young researchers of my group (two for E. Markoutsa and one for K. Papadia).
2008: Guest Editor for Special Issue: “Nanomedicines” J. Biomedical Nanotechnology, Vol 4.
 2011: EuroNanoForum Budapest. Best poster award to PI’s student, A. Skouras, http://www.
2012-: Member of the Jury Committee (one of the 70 honorable members) for the Maurice-Marie Janot Honorary Award and Lecture.
 2014: Short-oral-communication prize for Post-Doc, Dr. S. Mourtas. (Prize: 1000 ILS) at the Israel-Greece Joint Meeting on Nanotechnology BioNanoscience, 20-23.10.2014, Weizmann Institute, Israel.
 2016: Invitation (by the group of partners) to be a partner and Coordinator in the research proposal FUSION (submitted as FET open project/H2020, but not funded), which was transformed into the proposal Smart Bone Regeneration (SBR), that has been funded in 2019.
 2017: Invitation as member of the Advisory Board of the School of Pharmacy, University of Catania (IT).
 2018: Invitation to Chair Session "WS-2" in ICONAN Conference, Rome, IT, 2018
 2018: Guest Editor for the Special Issue: «Liposomes as Drug Carriers» in Molecules (10-1-2018)
 2019: Guest Editor for Special Issue: “Overcoming Drug Delivery Problems through Advanced Drug Delivery System Design” in Pharmaceutics (2019-20).
 2019: Invitation to join the faculty of the PhD Program of Experimental Medicine at University of Pavia.
Conference Organization
President of Organizing Committee:
 President of Organizing Committee for Erasmus 10-day Workshops on Liposome Technology (1997)
 President of Organizing Committee for Erasmus 10-day Workshops on Liposome Technology (1998)
 President of Organizing Committee for Erasmus 10-day Workshops on Liposome Technology (2000)
 President of Organizing Committee of International Workshop on Nanomedicines: Nanoparticulates for Drug Delivery”, September 11-22, Patras, Greece, (2008)
 President of Organizing Committee of the 2nd Panhellenic Pharmaceutical Sciences Conference, September (2014), Patras, Greece
 President of Organizing Committee for 2nd International Workshop on Nanomedicines, EMJMD NANOMED, Patras. July (2019)
Member of Organizing Committee:
  1. International Conference on Drug Delivery for the third Millenium, Pisa, Italy, 10-12 Oct, 1999;
  2. (ii)   2nd Mediterranean Meeting of the CRS- local Chapters «New perspectives in Controlled Release», Athens, 2001;
  3. (iii) 1st International Symposium on Plasma Proccesing and Biomedical Applications- ISPRBA-1”, 27-20 September, Milos, Greece, 2008;
  4. (iv) Iasted Conference on Nanotechnology and Applications-NANA 2008, 29/9 – 1/10, Crete, Greece, 2008 (regional committee)
  5. (v)   5th International BBBB conference, Sept 26-28, 2013, Athens, GR .
  6. (vi) 2nd International Congress of CRS-Greek Local Chapter, 22-24 June 2016, Athens GR
Scientific Committees:
Scientific Committee member for International Conference of European Association of Pharma Biotechnology [EAPB], Trieste, 2004
 -Advisory board Pharma BioTec Europe Symposium of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology 25. – 28. April 2004 , Trieste
 -Publicity Committee member (invitation by Conference Chair) of 3rd Skin and Formulation Symposium, March 9-10, Versailles, France, 2009
 Member of Scientific Committee in all the Panhellenic Pharmaceutical Conferences (organized by: i. Panhellenic Pharmaceutical Society; ii. Pharmaceutical Society of Thessaloniki [Conferences of Applied Pharmacy], iii. The three Pharmacy Dept. in Greece [Conferences of Pharmaceutical Sciences], from 2010-to-date, and in many of the Conferences/Seminars organized by students of Pharmacy.
Professional Affiliations
  • Pan-Hellenic Association of Pharmacists
  • APGI/APV (Association de Pharmacie Galenique Industrielle)
  • European Federation of Pharmaceutical Scientists (EUFEPS)
  • AAPS (American Association of Pharm. Scientists)
  • Controlled Release Society (CRS)
  • CRS -Greek Chapter [President 1999-2001]
  • International Liposome Society (ILS)
  • Galenos Network for novel Drug delivery Exploitation and Education
Professional Activities
Editorial activities:
 Editor Europe for the Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology (2006-2017)
 Editorial Board Member of Journal of Drug Delivery (2010 - )
 Editorial Board Member of Drug Delivery (Hindawi) (2010- )
 Editorial Board Member Bio Med Research International (Hindawi) (2011- )
 Editorial Board Member of Pharmaceutics (MDPI) (2019- )
 Referee for >70 Pharmaceutical and related Scientific journals. (between which: Nature Nanotechnology, J. Contr. Release, Small, ASC-Nano, Biomaterials, Nanomedicines, Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, Langmuir, Pharmaceutical Research, IJP, EJPS, JPS, Drug Targeting,  J. Lip. Research, etc)
Research Evaluation Activities:
 Research proposal Evaluation for European Commission, Research Directorate, 2003, (FP6)
 Research proposal Evaluation for European Commission, Research Directorate, 2004, (FP6)
 Research proposal Committee member & Raporateur EC, 2004, (FP6)
 Research proposal Evaluation for European Commission, Research Directorate, 2007 (FP7),
 Mid-Term Evaluation of research project for EC-IMI, 2015 (Horizon 2020)
 Evaluator for Spanish Ministry of Development and Research (Evaluatores), (2006 & 2008)
 Evaluator for Dutch Research Foundation, (2006)
 Leukemia Research Organization, UK, (2008)
 Evaluator for British cancer Research foundation (2009)
 Evaluator for TWAS Research Grants Programme (The academy of sciences for the developing world) Trieste, Italy, (2009)
 Evaluator for Norway excellence center, (2014)
 Evaluator for QNRF (Qatar National Research Fund), (2016, 2018)
 Evaluator for Graduate study program, Cyprus Evaluation Directorate, Ministry of Education, 2017
 Evaluator for Israel Research Council, (2017, 2019)
 Evaluator for Austrian Research Foundation, (2019)
Member of Committees (abroad):
Member of Scientific Committee of the International Conference of EAPB (2004).
 Member of Scientific Advisory Board Europe, of New Drugs (official publication of EAPB) (2004).
 Member of the Committee for an Industrial PhD approval, University of Denmark, 2010
 Member of the Advisory Board of the School of Pharmacy of the University of Catania (2017- )
 Member of Promotion Evaluation Committee after invitation of the Scientific Council at King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) (2018)
National Committee activities:
 Evaluator for the National Foundation of Drugs (EOF) for Bioequivalence Studies (2000- )
 President of the Western-Greece Committee for evaluation of Pharmacy Technicians (2006- )
 Member of the second degree Committee for authorization of Drugs of the National Foundation of Drugs (EOF) (2012-)
 Member of the general assembly of ELIDEK (National Foundation for Research Funding) (2018- )
 Member of the working group for Proposal Evaluations of ELIDEK (2019- )
UPAT and FORTH/ICE-HT Committees:
 Member of the Committee for Academic Advancement of Dept of Pharmacy, UPAT (1992-2004)
 Member of the Committee for the Annual Pharmacy Dept. Guide (1992-1997)
 Department Coordinator of the Erasmus + mobility Program (initially Socrates and then Erasmus) for the Dept. of Pharmacy, Univ. of Patras (1998-to-date)
 Member of the Senate, Univ. of Patras (2004-2005)
 Member of the Graduate Studies committee, Dept. of Pharmacy, Univ. of Patras (1998-2018)
 Member of the Ethics Committee, UPAT (2008-2010)
 President of the Internal Evaluation Committee of the Dept. of Pharmacy, UPAT (2012-to-date).
 Seminar Committee, FORTH/ICE-HT (2008-to-date)
  1.  Liposomes containing particulate materials. WO9509610 (A1) Publication date: 1995-04-1 3/US2002041895 - 2002-04-11 Inventor(s): G. Gregoriadis, S.G. Antimisiaris, I. Gursel.
  2. A method for immobilization of bioactive substances on surfaces for improving haemocompatibility.  Greek Patent, 2006, Inventor(s):  S. G. Antimisiaris, I. Missirlis, G. Michanetzis, G. Koromila.
  3. Complex formulations for administration of microbicides or other categories of drugs via mucosal (or vaginal or rectal) routes, with high drug-loading capacity and controllable drug release rates. Greek Patent, 20090100244, 2009, Inventor(s):    S.G.Antimisiaris, P.Klepetsanis, S. Mourtas
  4. Treatment of Prostate tumors with arsonoliposomes, US Provisional Patent, B1021US00, 2010, Inventors: S.G. Antimisiaris, P.V. Ioannou, M. Wei
  5. Novel curcumin derivatives with improved physicochemical properties and surface-decorated Nanoliposomes (with the derivatives) with very high affinity for Amyloid-β1-42 peptide. Greek Patent application 20100100563, 2010, Inventor(s): S.G.Antimisiaris, F. Nicotra, S. Mourtas, C. Zona, B. LaFerla, A. Niaraki
  6. System for Sustained release of drugs which is suitable for administration as an injectable or implant. Greek Patent application 2019, Inventor(s): S.G.Antimisiaris, M.Tsilibaris, S. Blazaki, K. Pachis
Publications (GENERAL)
 108 papers peer-reviewed journals, 10 chapters in books (or series), 282 Abstracts in proceeding of National & International conferences, 1 World patent, 1 PCT application and 4 Greek patents. Participation in > 160 International conferences/workshops;
 Invited speaker in 70 National and International scientific meetings/workshops/conferences.
 (Google Scholar Citations 3483 (all), 2028 (since 2014); h-index: 35 (all), 25 (since 2014); i10-index: 77 (all) , 53 (since 2014); 
 (Scopus) 111 cited documents: Citations: 2741; h-index: 31
Publications (peer reviewed int. journals)
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  50. Nanomedicines Viterbo 2016 (CNR IT), 21-23/9, 2016, Rome, IT “Targeting with liposomes or Exosomes?”
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  52. 3rd Panhellenic Conference on Applied Pharmaceutics, May 6, 2017, Thessaloniki, GR; “Current advancements in drug targeting with nanocarriers: What cen we learn from exosomes?”
  53. 3rd International Congress of CRS-Greek Local Chapter, June 19-20, 2017, Athens, GR “Nanotechnological approaches for delivery and targeting of biological drugs”
  54. ILS & Liposome Days Conference, September Athens, GR, 2017Targeting the brain with Liposomes. What we have learned after 5 years of studies
  55. International Conference “Phytocosmetics”, July, 2017, Patras, GR. “Advanced formulation strategies for phytocosmetic /phytotherapeutic active ingredients with the application of nanotechnology
  56. LIPIDS and BRAIN IV – LIPIDS IN ALZHEIMER DISEASE, 8-12 October, 2017 Nancy, FR,”Nanoparticle based drug delivery systems crossing blood brain barrier
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  58. Labroots Virtual Conference Drug Discovery 2018 FEB 21 – 22; “Liposomes for Drug Delivery and Targeting: Examples of their potential from our laboratories research”
  59. 1st EMJMD NANOMED WORKSHOP, July 12-13, 2018, Paris; “Engineered cellular vesicles as drug carriers: On the way to a new generation of liposomes for efficient targeting of drugs?”
  60. ICONAN, Sept 26-28, Rome, IT, 2018 (Plenary Speaker)“Nanomedicines:Advantages, Accomplishments and Challenges”
  61. 1st NanoBio, 24-28 Sept 2018, Crete; “Engineered cellular vesicles as targeted drug carriers: towards the development of a new generation of liposomes for efficient targeted drug delivery?”
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  66. 6th Annual PCS Conference on Cancer, Nov.15-16 2019, Athens, GR; “Lipid-Based targeted Nanomedicines as cancer theragnostic systems”
MENTORING -Major contributions to the early careers of researchers
I have mentored/supervised:
  • >150 completed Pharmacy Student Diploma Theses
  • 23 Master Theses
  • 10 PhDs
  • 6 Post-Doc Researchers
  • and I am currently supervising 4 Pharmacy Diploma students; 5 Master students; 5 PhD students and 4 Post-Doc Scientists
The following professionals/researchers have been trained by me at MSc, PhD or Post-Doc level:
PhD students:
 D.G Fatouros, AUTH, Pharmacy, Thessaloníki, GR; Current position: Associate Professor (;
 P. Kallinteri, Lecturer Medway Univeristy, UK (3 Y), University of Helsinki, Faculty of Pharmacy, current: Pharmacist (Proviisori)/Previously worked as academic with expertise in the area of drug delivery.
O. Gortzi, Techn, Educational Institute of Thessaly, Department of Food Technology, Lárisa, GR. Current position: Head of the Nutrition and Dietetics department (;
 V. Ntimenou, Business Analyst in Post Onboarding Client Management team, Barclays Investments Bank, London, UK,
P. Zagana, Currently working as a Post-doc Research Assistant
 E. Markoutsa University of South Florida, Dept of Internal Medicine, Tampa, FL, USA; Current position: Adjunct Faculty (
 A. Skouras, Lecturer of Pharmaceutical Technology at European University Cyprus, Cyprus
K. Papadia, Clinical Development Scientist at Lamda Laboratories (a Clinigen Company),
K. Pachis, Pharmaceutical Development Manager, Laboserve - Pharmaceutical Company, Greece,
MSc Students:
 M. Kokona, Pharmacy Owner, Greece
 V.A. Tsotas, Pharmacy Owner, Greece
 P. Hatzi, Pharmacy Owner, Greece
 S. Piperoudi, Senior Regulatory Affairs Consultant at Pharmassist LTD, Athens, Greece,
M. Kastellorizios, Biorasis, Inc. USA, Current position: Director of R&D (;
 M. Chaikou, Novartis Pharma AG, Basel Area, Switzerland, Current position: Senior Scientist in Biopharmaceutical Process and Drug Product Development, (
Post-Doc Scientists:
 Anna Niarakis Université d'Évry-Val-d'Essonne, Département de Biologie, Évry, FR, Current position Maître de Conferences (
 Katerina Lalatsa, Senior Lecturer, University of Potrsmouth, UK,
Nikolitsa Nomikou, Associate Professor, Department of Surgical Biotechnology, Div of Surgery & Interventional Sci, Faculty of Medical Sciences, UCL, London, UK,

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