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1988: PhD in Electrochemistry, Georgetown Univ., USA
1986: M.Sc. in Analytical Chemistry, Georgetown Univ., USA
1983: Diploma in Chemistry, Univ. of Patras, Greece
Research Activities
New Diagnostic Tools for Bone Diseases
Drug Polymorphic Stability and Identification in Formulations
Development of non-destructive analytical methods using spectroscopic (Raman, IR, XRF) and electrochemical techniques (DPP, Impedance spectroscopy, CV). Applications in bio-ceramics, drugs, urinary stones, bones, liposomes, polymers etc.
Development of new biomaterials (synthesis, analysis, physicochemical properties)
Participation in Research Projects since 2000
  • JOULE. Contract No: JOR3-CT97-0045. Duration: 1-2-98 to 31-1-2001.
  • ENVIRONMENT. Contract No: ENV4-CT98-0704. Duration: 1-07-1998 to 30-06-2001.
  • NATO, Science for Peace, Contract No SfP 97 1858. Duration:1-1-1999 to 31-12-2002. Coordinator.
  • FP6 - 2002 - Nanotechnology and nanosciences-NoE. Contract No: NMP3-CT-2004-500623. Duration: 1-9-2004 to 31-8-2008
  • «KARATHEODORIS». Contract No: Β-133, Duration: 1-11-2003 to 31-10-2006.
  • FP6-2002-Energy-1, Contract No: SES6-CT-2004-502782, Duration: 1-4-2004 to 31-3-2008.
  • “COMASUCH” "THALIS II" Proposal number 853, Duration 1-3-2012 to 30-09-2015.
Refereed journal papers: 56
Referred papers in international and national conference proceedings: 44
Non-referred papers in conference proceedings: 3
Patents: 1

Editor in Conference Proceedings: 4
Chapters in books: 2
Presentations in international and national conferences: 109
Invited lectures: 7
Organizing Committee: 7 International and 5 Greek Conferences; Conference Organizing Chair: 1
Other Academic/Administrative Activities
Editorial Board: 2 International Journals
Reviewer: International Journals (21), Research Projects-Programs (EU-REA, GSRT, U. Patras-Research Committee, Croatian Agency for Science and Higher Education)
Member of U. Patras Bioethics Committee (2003-)
Member of U. Patras Research Commiitte (2004-)
U. Patras Senate member: 2003-2007
Department Chair; 2003-2007
Department Vice-Chair: 2009-2011
Teaching Activities
Undegraduate cources
Instrumental Pharmaceutical Analysis I and II; Physical Chemistry; Instrumental Analysis Laboratory; Physical Chemistry Laboratory
Graduate cources
Applied Pharmaceutical Analysis, Separation Techniques and Characterization of bioactive molecules; Quality control and Quality Assurance; Analysis of biological samples
Recent Selected Publications:
  1. I. Karabas, M.G. Orkoula, C.G. Kontoyannis, “Effect of hydrazine based deproteination protocol on bone mineral crystal structure”, J. Mater. Sc.: Mater Med, 23 (2012) 1139-1148.
  2. I. Karabas, M.G. Orkoula, C.G. Kontoyannis, “Calibration models for the quantitative analysis of bone (collagen and bioapatite) using raman spectroscopy”, J. Biophotonics, 2013, in press.
  3. Malvina G. Orkoula, Martha Z. Vardaki and Christos G. Kontoyannis “Study of Bone Matrix Changes Induced by Osteoporosis in Rat Tibia Using Raman Spectroscopy”, Vibrational Spectroscopy, 63 (2012) 404-408.
  4. S. Panteliou, E. Panagiotopoulos, J. Varakis, M. Orkoula and C. Kontoyannis “Measurement of Modal Damping Factor to Monitor Bone Integrity and Osteopenia: A Study on Sheep Trochanters” Bioengineering & Biomedical Science, 2:3 (2012) 118 (1-6).
  5. I. Karabas and Christos G. Kontoyannis “Characterization of calcium phosphates mixtures”, Vibrational Spectroscopy, 64 (2013) 126-133.