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2008 – today: Professor in University of Patras, Department of Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Technology Lab., Rio 26 500, Patras, Greece
2000 - 2008: Assistant Professor in University of Patras, Department of Pharmacy, Pharmaceutics Lab., Rio 26 500, Patras, Greece
1994 - 2000: Lecturer in the Department of Pharmacy, University of Patras.
1993 - 1994 : Research assistant in Institute of Radioisotopes and Radiodiagnostic Products, NCSR "Demokritos", Athens, Greece


  • European Federation of Pharmaceutical Scientists (EUFEPS)
  • Controlled Release Society (CRS)
  • European Society for Nanomedicine

Bsc in Pharmacy, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
1991: Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics/Quality Control of Drugs, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
1992: Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics, London University, England

- University of Thessaloniki (for postgraduate studies, 1986-1989)
- Greek State Scholarships Foundation (for PhD studies abroad, 1989-1992)


  • Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics
  • Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology
Undergraduate Program (Department of Pharmacy)
  • Pharmaceutical Technology I (Industrial Pharmacy)
  • Pharmaceutical Technology II (Drug Delivery Systems)
  • Chemistry and Technology of Cosmetics
Postgraduate Program (Department of Pharmacy) 
  • Controlled Drug Delivery Systems-Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology
  • Advanced Pharmaceutical Technology (Advanced Courses on Solid Dosage Forms)
  • Basic Pharmaceutical Statistics
  • Targeted delivery of anticancer drugs based on i) biodegradable, polymeric, long-circulating (“stealth”) nanoparticles and ii) magnetic hybrid nanoparticles,
  • Development of novel prophylactic or therapeutic vaccines based on biodegradable and biocompatible, polymeric nano- and micro-particles,
  • Development of formulations for the efficient delivery of drugs with limited aqueous solubility
  1. Project NANOBILON 09ΣΥΝ-41-659: “Development of novel ixabepilone nanocarriers and study of their potential in breast cancer treatment” (Principal Investigator, Project financed by Greek Secretariat for Research and Technology, budget 1 ME, period 2010-2013)
  2. Project MIS 380212 “Development of Multi-Functional Magnetic Nanoparticles for Targeted Delivery of Anticancer Drugs” (Principal Investigator, Project financed by Greek Secretariat for Research and Technology, budget 600 KE, period 2012-2014)
  3. Greek-Czech bilateral project 11CZ_026_EPAN2 “Hybrid Μagnetic "Stealth" Nano-Structures for the Targeted and Controlled Release of Doxorubicin” ((Principal Investigator, Project financed by Greek Secretariat for Research and Technology, budget of Greek partner 15 KE, period 2012-2013)

5 Ph.D. and 8 M.Sci. theses concluded so far in the research field of controlled drug delivery and pharmaceutical nanotechnology.


  1. Assistant Editor for Current Nanoscience (Bentham Science Publishers).
  2. Editorial Board Member for Current Nanoscience (Bentham Science Publishers).
  3. Editorial Board Member for Open Drug Delivery Journal (Bentham Science Publishers).
  4. Editorial Board Member for Journal of Excipients and Food Chemicals (Published by International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council)

Research papers : 50
Articles in Biomedical Encyclopedia: 1
Presentations in International Scientific Conferences: 35
Patents: 1 European Patent, 2 Greek patents
Index h (Scopus): 17
Non-self citations (Scopus): 1313

Recent Publications in peer-reviewed Journals (2013 - 2009)

  1. Athanassios Giarmoukakis, Georgios Labiris, Haris Sideroudi, Zinovia Tsimali, Nefeli Koutsospyrou, Konstantinos Avgoustakis, Vassilios Kozobolis, Biodegradable nanoparticles for controlled subconjunctival delivery of latanoprost acid: In vitro and in vivo evaluation. Preliminary results, Experimental Eye Research 112 (2013) 29-36.
  2. Dimitra Hadjipavlou-Litina, George E. Magoulas,Stavros E. Bariamis, Zinovia Tsimali, Konstantinos Avgoustakis, Christos A. Kontogiorgis, Constantinos M. Athanassopoulos, Dionissios Papaioannou, Synthesis and evaluation of the antioxidative potential of minoxidil–polyamine conjugates, Biochimie 95 (2013) 1437–1449.
  3. Bariamis, S.E., Marin, M., Athanassopoulos, C.M., Kontogiorgis, C., Tsimali, Z., Papaioannou, D., Sindona, G., Romeo, G., Avgoustakis, K., Hadjipavlou-Litina, D. Syntheses and evaluation of the antioxidant activity of novel methoxypsoralen derivatives, European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 60 (2013) 155-169.
  4. Aristides Bakandritsos, Aristeidis Papagiannopoulos, Eleni N. Anagnostou, Konstantinos Avgoustakis, et al., Merging High Doxorubicin Loading with Pronounced Magnetic Response and Bio-repellent Properties in Hybrid Drug Nanocarriers, Small, 8 (2012) 2381-2393.
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  6. Mingguang Li, Zoi Panagi, Konstantinos Avgoustakis, Joshua Reineke, Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic modeling of PLGA Nanoparticles with varied mPEG content, Int.J. Nanoscience, 7, 2012,1345-1356.
  7. Zacharoula Iatridi, George Mattheolabakis, Konstantinos Avgoustakis, and Constantinos Tsitsilianis, Self-assembly and drug delivery studies of pH/thermo-sensitive polyampholytic (A-co-B)-b-C-b-(A-co-B) segmented terpolymers, Soft Matter, 7, 2011, 11160-11168
  8. Aristides Bakandritsos, George Mattheolabakis, George Chatzikyriakos, Tamas Szabo, Vasilis Tzitzios, Dimitris Kouzoudis, Stelios Couris, Konstantinos Avgoustakis, “Doxorubicin Nanocarriers Based on Magnetic Colloids with a bio-Polyelectrolyte Corona and High non-linear Optical Response: Synthesis, Characterization and Properties”, Advanced Functional Materials, 21, 2011, 1465-1475.
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