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Study Guide 2020-21

Laboratory of Pharmacokinetics
The laboratory of pharmacokinetics focuses in the research and development activities related to drug development, namely in the optimization of the non clinical stage and the design and implementation of the early clinical development stages.

Research Team
Faculty member
Gregory Sivolapenko, Associate Professor, Tel.:+30 2610 969816+30 2610 969816, Fax: +30 2610 996302, email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Post-doctoral Researcher: 1
Graduate Students:  6 (Ph.D.: 3 and M.Sc. students: 3)

Research Activities/Expertise
  • Pharmacokinetic modeling, clinical pharmacokinetics, pharmacokinetic & pharmacodynamic interactions, bioavailability, bioequivalence, drug non clinical & clinical development, first-in-man clinical studies, phase I-II clinical trials, clinical protocol design, data management and biostatistics, non clinical and clinical drug development regulations and ethics, drug safety and pharmacovigilance
  • Oncology, inflammation, autoimmunity, hypersensitivity, peptides, monoclonal antibodies, biologicals, radiolabelled compounds, inhalers

Funded Research Projects
  • University of Patras ELKE C-108 (2006): Pharmaceutical industry grant on the pre clinical and clinical development of novel dry powder inhaler for the treatment of asthma and COPD.
  • University of Patras ELKE C-389 (2008): Pharmaceutical industry grant on the pre clinical and early clinical development of novel chemical entities and biotechnology products with anti cancer activity, including radiolabelled synthetic peptidic analogues for cancer imaging and therapy.

Recent Publications
  • G.B. Sivolapenko, V. Douli, D. Pectasides, D. Skarlos, G. Sirmalis, R. Hussein, J. Cook, N.S. Courtenay-Luck, E. Merkouri, K. Konstantinides and A.A. Epenetos, Breast cancer imaging with radiolabelled peptide from complementarity-determining region of antitumour antibody, Lancet, 346, 1662 (1995).
  • G.B. Sivolapenko, D. Skarlos, D. Pectasides, E. Stathopoulou, A. Milonakis, G. Sirmalis, A. Stuttle, N.S. Courtenay-Luck, K. Konstantinides and A.A. Epenetos, Imaging of metastatic malignant melanoma utilising a Technetium-99m labelled RGD-containing synthetic peptide, Eur. J. Nucl. Med., 25(10), 1383 (1998).
  • L.L. Travaini, S.M. Baio, M. Cremonesi, C. De Cicco, M. Ferrari, G. Trifiro, G. Prisco, G. Viale, M.A. Colleoni, D. Radice, G.B. Sivolapenko and G. Paganelli, Neoadjuvant therapy in locally advanced breast cancer: 99m Tc-MIBI mammoscintigraphy is not a reliable technique to predict therapy response, Breast, 16(3), 262 (2007).
  • G. Paganelli, M. Ferrari, L. Ravasi, M. Cremonesi, C. De Cicco, V. Galimberti, G. Sivolapenko, A. Luini, R. De Santis, L.L. Travaini, M. Fiorenza, M. Chinol, S. Papi, C. Zanna, P. Carminati and U. Veronesi, Intraoperative avidination of radionuclide therapy: a prospective new development to accelerate radiotherapy in breast cancer, Clin. Cancer Res., 13(18), 5646s (2007).