Secretariat Time Programme
12:00 - 13:30


Laboratory of Instrumental Pharmaceutical Analysis

Laboratory of Instrumental Pharmaceutical Analysis People Academic


Graduate Students and PhD Candidates


  • Dr Dionysios Douroumis, Senior Lecturer in Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Greenwich
  • Dr Fotini Bazoti, Researcher, GAIA Center, The Goulandris Natural History Museum
  • Dr John Karampas, QC/QA Director, TSAKIRIS Food and Snacks
  • Dr Nikolaos Vayenas, Quality Control of Products, Ministry of Development
  • Dr George Carountzos, QC Director, EBO-PYRKAL
  • Kostas Kalonakis, Medical/Pharmaceutical Representative, Uni-Pharma
  • Dimitra Filippatou, Pharmacy
  • Nikos Charalabopoulos,Pharmacy
  • Catherine Ntzelve, Pharmacy
  • Maria Makriyorgi, Pharmacy
  •  Mohamed Ahmed El Mubarak, Translator, Agios Andreas Hospital

Research Interests / Activities

  • Drug metabolism and pharmakokinetic studies, bioavailability studies of drugs and natural bioactive substances.
  • Analysis of complex biological systems and structural characterization of natural and biotechnology-derived biomolecules (peptides, proteins).
  • Detection, structural characterization, identification and quantitative determination of bioactive substances isolated from native plants.
  • Study of the interaction between natural products and endogenous molecules responsible for certain diseases (i.e., Alzheimer disease).
  • Detection of non-covalent complexes of biomolecules and bioactive molecules, as well as mapping of the binding sites.
  • Development of novel non-destructive analytical methodologies for:
    • The qualitative and quantitative determination of pharmaceutically active substances:
      • In pharmaceutical formulations (liquid or tablets),
      • In biological fluids,
      • For the study of drug release from micro- and nano-particles
    • The characterization of polymorphic phases and generic drugs
    • The study / monitoring of the chemical alterations caused during diseases of bone and cartilage (osteoporosis, osteoarthritis)

Current Academic Collaborations

  1. Universities
    • University of Patras (Departments of Medicine, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics, Chemistry)
    • National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Medical School & Department of Pharmacy)
    • University of Crete (Medical School)
    • Agricultural University of Athens
    • Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (School of Pharmacy)
    • National Technical University of Athens (School of Chemical Engineering)
    • University of Michigan (Department of Chemistry)
    • University of Frankfurt (Pharmacy Department)
    • Uppsala University (Department of Chemistry)
    • Chalmers University of Technology
    • TU WIEN (Institute of Chemical Technologies and Analytics)
  2. Β. Research Institutes
    • GAIA Center, Goulandris Natural History Museum
    • INRA Theix (Groupe Ostéoporose Unité des Maladies Métaboliques et Micronutriments)
    • Scripps Research Institute (Department of Chemistry)

Advanced Research – Product Development

Our lab collaborates with pharmaceutical companies GENEPHARM, Galenica, Specifar, PharOS, Pharmadata, Verisfield UK Ltd, Pharmex for issues concerning:

  • Development of new formulations
  • Testing of APIs polymorphism in tablets and creams
  • Physicochemical characteristics testing
  • Quantitative determination of active substances in biological fluids

Financially Supported Research Programs and Networks

  • «K. Karathodori» (M. Orkoula), University of Patras
  • «Thalis» (Ch. Kontoyannis), General Secretariat for Research and Technology
  • «Heracleitus» (Ch. Kontoyannis), General Secretariat for Research and Technology
  • «Intra-University Research Network» with Departments of Medicine, Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics, entitled: Network for the study of retrogressive and metabolic disoorders of bone and cartilage – OSTEONET (Ch. Kontoyannis, M. Orkoula)
  • «Thalis» (A. Tsarbopoulos), General Secretariat for Research and Technology


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