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Study Guide 2020-21

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The courses are semestral, divided into Fall and Spring semesters. Total credit points (ECTS) required for obtaining the MSc amount to 90 ECTS, distributed in three semesters (30 ECTS per semester).

Course attendance is mandatory.

Α. Core courses (first semester)

Graduates students must choose three (3) out of four (4) courses among DPHA_1, DPHA_2, DPHA_3 & DPHA_4. Courses DPHA_5 και DPHA_6 are mandatory for all.

B. Specialization courses (second semester)

Graduate students should choose two (2) courses from the specialization they have enrolled in and one (1) from any specialization. ECTS credits for all specialization courses are 5.

  1. Medicinal Chemistry - Natural Products
    DPHA_A01 Natural Products in Drug Discovery
    DPHA_A02 Modern methods in drug synthesis
    DPHA_A03 Biomolecular NMR and protein architecture
  2. Industrial Pharmacy
    DPHA_B01 Nanomedicines and special systems for administration and/or targeting of drugs/imaging agents
    DPHA_B02 Statistics and quality management in Pharmacy
    DPHA_B03 Applied pharmaceutical analysis and characterization of pharmaceutical formulations
  3. Molecular Pharmacology and Biotechnology
    DPHA_C01 Molecular Targets of Drug Action
    DPHA_C02 Applied Biotechnology and Bioinformatics
    DPHA_C03 Precision Therapeutics

C. Diploma thesis (second and third semesters)

  • DPHA DIP1 Diploma thesis (2nd semester), 15 ECTS
  • DPHA DIP2 Diploma thesis (3rd semester), 30 ECTS