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Study Guide 2019-20

DPHA_2 Design and Development of Pharmaceutical Products PDF Print
Instructors: S. Antimisiaris, Κ. Avgoustakis, P. Klepetsanis, S. Hatziantoniou


Co-ordinator: S. Antimisiaris


  1. Pharmaceutical Technology: Basic Considerations and Special topics in the Design and Development of Pharmaceutical Products
    Ingredients (API, Excipients, packaging), Types and Selection procedure.
    Physicochemical Parameters.
    Biopharmaceutical Parameters.
    Routes of Administration - Special considerations, regulations, ingredients, production, packaging.
    Oral administration - Selection of Optimal Dosage Form, Taste Masking.
    Injectables - Transdermals - Ophalmic forms- Inhalations/Pulmonary-Topical.
    Innovative formulations and special forms (Nanomedicines, Dermopharmaceuticals, etc.).
    Special considerations for special patient groups (Pediatrics, Geriatrics, etc.) and products (Biologicals, proteins, etc.).
    In vitro and in vivo methodologies for evaluation/quality control of Pharmaceutical Products.
  2. Industrial Manufacturing - Special Topics
    Occupational Safety, Clean ability, Cross contamination, Business Capacity, Technical Capacity, QC, Chemical Stability during manufacturing.
    Industrial Production of Injectable Products.
    Mathematical models in the Design and Development of Pharmaceutical Products.
    Innovative production Technologies (3D printing, microfluidics, etc.).
    Crystalline and amorphous solids and characterization technics.
    Drug stability and degradation studies.
    Drug – excipients compatibility.
    Design and Development of modified release products.
    Design and development of lyophilized products and scale up manufacturing considerations.
    Scale up of pharmaceutical manufacturing.
    Process Analytical Technology – Quality by Design (QbD).
    Product registration and drug approval process.
    Pharmaceutical packaging selection.
  3. Case Study- Instructed Essay
    Students will propose an optimal Pharmaceutical product for a specific pathology. Selection of API, ingredients, Route, Formulation, Manufacturing, Dosing, Packaging, Disposal.