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Study Guide 2019-20

DPHA_A01 Natural Products in Drug Discovery PDF Print

Instructors: F. Lamari, V. Magafa, P. Magriotis

Co-ordinator: F. Lamari


Historical overview of the importance of natural products in the discovery of drugs.
The role of traditional medicine in the discovery of drugs. Strategic approaches.
Natural products as active ingredients of pharmaceuticals.
Natural products from plants.
Natural products from microorganisms.
Natural products from marine organisms.
Natural products from other sources.
Techniques for the extraction, fractionation and isolation of natural products.
Structural characterization. Dereplication techniques.
Metabolomic approaches in the study of natural raw materials.
Approaches to biological evaluation of natural products and problems.
Compounds that specifically inhibit the bioactivity evaluation.
Extracts and essential oils as pharmaceuticals.
Regulatory requirements, quality control.
The issues of synergy and competition.
Techniques of sustainable production of bioactive natural products.