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Study Guide 2020-21

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The subject of this postgraduate program is the theoretical and practical education and training of young scientists in the design, production (in small and industrial scale) and evaluation (quality control, efficiency and safety) of cosmetic products, both theoretically and practically.

The aim of the program is:

  1. to cover research and training needs in the field of cosmetic products
  2. to develop research in this field and thereby promote new knowledge.

Graduates of the course will have the cognitive background to work inter alia at the cosmetics industry and at National and International regulatory bodies.

In addition, it is expected that the research link with the Greek production units will be strengthened, through the creation of well-qualified and specialized human resources and the transfer of know-how that will contribute to the promotion of the country's development needs.

The Postgraduate Studies Program "COSMETOLOGY - PREPARATION AND EVALUATION OF COSMETIC PRODUCTS" awards a Master of Science (MSc) Degree in "Cosmetology - Preparation and Evaluation of Cosmetic Products".

The duration of the curriculum is 18 months divided in three (3) semesters.

Graduates from Health Sciences and other related subject areas are admitted.

The number of admissions to the program per year is up to ten (10).

The tuition fee of the program is 1,800€ (600€ per semester).

More information about the program is available at: