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Lagoumintzis George

Assistant Professor of Biochemistry - Molecular Biology

Section of Pharmacology - Biosciences


2010: M.Sc. in Health Care Management, Hellenic Open University, GR
2004: Ph.D. in Biochemistry-Immunobiology, Department of Medicine, University of Patras, GR
1997: B.Sc. (with Hons) Biochemistry, University of Liverpool, UK



2022-Today: Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacy, University of Patras, GR

2019-Today: Adjunct Academic Staff, Hellenic Open University

2004-2022: Adjunct Lecturer/Assistant Professor, University of Patras, GR (part-time)

2004-2019: Adjunct Lecturer/Assistant Professor, ΤΕΙ (Technological Educational Institute) of Messolonghi and TEI of Western Greece, GR (part-time)

2004-2016: Post-Doctoral Researcher, University of Patras, Department of Pharmacy

2004-2008: Post-Doctoral Researcher, Hellenic Pasteur Institute, Department of Biochemistry, Laboratory of Molecular Neurobiology and Immunology


Teaching Activity

Undergraduate Program

  • Biochemistry Ι [PHA-Α22-NEW]
  • Biochemistry ΙΙ [PHA-B11-NEW]

Postgraduate Program

  • Applied Biotechnology and Bioinformatics [DPHA_C02]

Research Activities

Biochemistry - Molecular Biology (protein expression and purification, cell signaling, metagenomics):

  • Cloning, expression, and biochemical characterization of protein and bioactive molecules 
  • Oxidative stress – Metabolic syndromes and diseases
  • Study of the gut microbiome in human pathophysiology and the pharmacologic action of cholesterol-lowering drugs (statins)

Immunobiology (host-pathogen interactions, autoantigens):

  • Signal transduction pathways - Innate immunity - Infections 
  • Interaction of host Pattern Recognition Receptors (PRRs) with pathogens
  • Study of the pathophysiological mechanisms of autoimmune diseases


Awards and Distinctions

  • Award for oral presentation, 2nd Conference of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Patras, October 9-11, 2014
  • Award for poster presentation, 39th Annual Panhellenic Medical Conference, Athens, May 22-25, 2013
  • Award for poster presentation, 7th Panhellenic Conference of Immunology, Thessaloniki, December 11-15, 2007
  • Award for oral presentation, 3rd Panhellenic Conference of Medical Biopathology, Thessaloniki, April 21- May 3, 2004


  • 2610 962321 Office

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Office hours for Students
  • Tuesday: 09:00-11:00
    Wednesday: 09:00-11:00
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