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Postgraduate Studies

The Department of Pharmacy organizes and participates in Postgraduate Programs [PP: A, B, C & D]:

PP Α & Β:  Departmental [Dept. of Pharmacy]
PP C:         Interinstitutional
PP D:         Interdepartmental,

leading to the award of a Master of Science (MSc) Degree as follows:

PP Α: Drug Discovery and Development
Department of Pharmacy


  1. Medicinal Chemistry – Natural Products
  2. Industrial Pharmaceutics
  3. Molecular Pharmacology and Biotechnology


Program [EL]

PP B: Cosmetology - Preparation and Evaluation of Cosmetic Products

Department of Pharmacy

Specialization: Cosmetology - Preparation and Evaluation of Cosmetic Products


Program [EL]

PP C: Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees NANOMED

Consortium: Université de Paris, France (Coordinator), Université d’Angers, France, Università degli Studi di Pavia, Italy, University of Patras, Greece [Dept. of Pharmacy]

Specialization: Nanomedicines for Drug Delivery


Curriculum of the EMJMD-NANOMED

EMJMD-Nanomed Web site

PP D: Informatics for Life Sciences

Departments: Medicine (Coordinator), Computer Engineering and Informatics, Biology and Pharmacy


  1. Bioinformatics
  2. Medical Informatics


ILS Web site - Program


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