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Sivolapenko Gregory

Professors, Pharmacokinetics

Section of Pharmacology - Biosciences

1990: Ph.D. in Medicine (Clinical Oncology & Immunology), University of London, UK
1984: B.Sc. in Pharmacy, University of Athens, Greece
Professor of Pharmacokinetics, Director Laboratory of Pharmacokinetics, Department of Pharmacy, University of Patras, Greece
Teaching Activity
Undergraduate Program
  • Bioethics – Elements of Drug Regulation [PHA-B21-NEW]
  • Pharmaceutical Microbiology and Immunology [PHA-B23-NEW]
  • Clinical Pharmacy [PHA-D11-NEW]
  • Biopharmaceutics - Pharmacokinetics [PHA-D21-NEW]
Postgraduate Program “Drug Design and Development”
  • Preclinical and Clinical Drug Evaluation [DPHA_4]
  • Precision Therapeutics [DPHA_C03]
Awards & Distinctions
M. P. Lemos fellowship, 1985 & 1986,
UK Cancer Research Campaign Grant, 1987-1990
UK Research proposal evaluator, European Commission, Research Directorate, 2000-2004, Belgium. “Bombesin analogues for the diagnosis and treatment of neoplasia”, Greek national application, patent granted 2011
“Biomarkers for the identification, monitoring and treatment of prostate cancer”, USPTO application 2010, Greek national application 2012)
Research Activities
Preclinical and clinical studies of bioavailability and pharmacokinetics of new chemical entities.
Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics interactions. Toxicokinetics.
Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacogenomic interactions.
Drug clinical development, design & conduct of Phase I-IV clinical trials.
  • (+30) 2610 962323
    (+30) 2610 962324

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Office hours for Students
  • Monday  12:00-14:00
    Tuesday  13:00-15:00