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Grigoropoulos Christos


2005 – Today : Patra's University, Department Of Pharmacy. IT Administrator
2001 – 2005 ΙΝΤΡΑΚΟΜ S. A. – Patra Testing of Ericsson mobile telephone centers.


  1.  "Estimating the benefits of increasing the recycling rate of lamps from the domestic sector: Methodology, opportunities and case study" C.J.Grigoropoulos, L.T.Doulos, S.C.Zerefo, A.Tsangrassoulis, P.Bhusale Waste Management Volume 101, 1 January 2020, Pages 188-199


2017: International Conference ENERGY in BUILDINGS 2017 by ASHRAE
          Title: «Sustainability in lighting design and lamps. Early results from a case study in Greek households»
2021: 2nd International Conference on Environmental Design
          Title: «An overview of environmental impacts of lighting products at the end of life stage through life cycle impact assessment»



2012 Seminars for the license of the Energy Inspector at the Department of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering of University of Patra's
2004 Seminars and practice for learning PLC S7-300 programmer controller
2002 Advanced Telecommunication Seminars (ISDN, ATM, IN, Voip,) INTRACOM S.A

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