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Drug Discovery and Development


The Drug Discovery and Development (DDD) Master of Science (MSc) degree is an 18-months curriculum offering a high quality and multidisciplinary training in modern fields of Pharmaceutical Sciences, including all stages required from the discovery of a new bioactive compound until its release as a drug, as well as the strategies followed for the discovery of bioactive compounds. The program aims at:

  1. Training young scientists in modern fields of Pharmaceutical Sciences to create appropriate human resources that will support the country's participation in international scientific developments and contribute to the assimilation of the introduced technology and its penetration into new disciplines of Science.
  2. Linking the research effort to business development, enhancing technology transfer mechanisms to Greek pharmaceutical companies' production units and meeting specific professional needs related to the business design, development and distribution of pharmaceutical products.
  3. The production of scientists capable of pursuing doctoral studies in related scientific fields.
  4. Providing theoretical and practical knowledge to postgraduate students in order to successfully meet the requirements of positions of responsibility in the pharmaceutical and related industries, Regulatory Organizations, as well as diagnostic and research laboratories, in Greece and internationally.

Graduates from Health Sciences and other related subject areas are admitted. The maximum number of enroled students shall be no more than forty (40). English language proficiency is a main requirement. Total ECTS credits required for obtaining the degree amounts to 90, distributed in three (3) semesters (30 ECTS per semester). MSc students are required to successfully attend and complete all courses, compulsory or elective, of the specialization in which they have enrolled, to participate as tutors in laboratory courses and tutorials, to attend seminars and study courses and draw their MSc thesis in subject related to the specialization they study. Lessons and writing the thesis will be in Greek and in specific cases in English.

Awarded Title - Specialization

The Postgraduate Studies Program "Drug Discovery and Development" leads to Master of Science (MSc) Degree in "Drug Discovery and Development" on the following specializations:

  1. Medicinal Chemistry – Natural Products
  2. Industrial Pharmaceutics
  3. Molecular Pharmacology and Biotechnology
Learning Outcomes

The MSC “Drug Discovery and Development” aims at the following Learning Ourtcomes:

  1. Understanding of the basic preclinical and clinical processes and stages which are followed towards the identification, evaluation and development of a new drug
  2. Development of the ability to find, analyze, chose and use tools (e.g. methods, data bases, literature, etc) that contribute to the  drug development process
  3. Development of the ability to design, chose, apply and improve experimental methods in order to address specific problems
  4. Development of the ability to analyze and crirtically evaluate ecperimental data and results, whether these derive from the literature/other laboratories or from the experimental work of the same student
  5. Development of the ability to display in written or present orally results with clarity, including their consequences and the next steps to be followed, that derive from these


The courses are semestral, divided into Fall and Spring semesters. Total credit points (ECTS) required for obtaining the MSc amount to 90 ECTS, distributed in three semesters (30 ECTS per semester).
Attendance is mandatory.